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A Creative Therapy for Your Drained Mind

posted on April 26, 2016

A Creative Therapy for Your Drained Mind

Those of you thinking of having a swimming pool in your office or a free spa with attractive masseurs strolling around might want to hold the horses before finishing this chapter.

Working in a creative industry, such as design studio, advertising agency, or event organiser might sound fancy for most people, with all the cool factors they see.

The truth is, designers are often challenged to come up with fresh ideas to stay relevant, while maintaining their balance between passion and accommodating clients' demands. However enthusiastic they are toward the projects, the whole being-innovative process may result in an unmotivated situation and burnout. These are usually caused by the different skill levels and mood tones each designer has.

While having a complimentary spa or massage service in your office might sound fun and soothing as a perfect therapy for an exhausted brain, we are looking into more productive solutions on our regular basis that gets our mind exercised, without setting the enthusiasm aside.

Here, our creative people are well-equipped with different learning experience, and this week, we are taking this learning curve upwards by doing a fun GIF creation task. Each design team member is assigned to create one layout in animated GIF (Graphic Interchange Format), with the themes up to each interests and skills. This way everyone will get their part and time to express their imagination in a skillful way.

Let's just say that unleashing your creative potential and stating your idealism are not always the same as keeping them intact. The latter requires more motivation and perseverance. Thus, creative people like designers need to stay updated throughout the evolving skillsets and trends.

We as one of the most progressive players in the industry see this as an opportunity and duty to provide solutions not only to the clients, but also to our creative figures for the hard work and dedication. Our factory of innovation is considered as home, where the designers work and learn in a playful way.

People are indeed different. With such diversity in mindsets and creativity, we align them to design our tomorrow together.


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