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6 Eggciting Ways Pokémon GO Boosts Your Creative Career

posted on July 21, 2016

6 Eggciting Ways Pokémon GO Boosts Your Creative Career

Everybody should have known Pokémon GO by now. It's an augmented reality-based mobile game that has been driving people crazy these days. Some might enjoy the frenzy, while the rest of the civilisation simply despise it (you're mean!). We have put together some of the real positive factors for you not to feel trapped or even hate it. At the end of the day, you will notice that this game is actually beneficial to your professional works, especially those in the creative industries.


Let's look at them one by one;

1. Beat the Traffic!
Everybody hates traffic jam! Well, except for those street vendors, of course. Meeting appointment in the middle of a busy area during peak hours? Turn that hell into indulgence. Time to get to your phone and start hunting during your commute. It might even increase your good mood by the time your meeting starts. Unfortunately, this is not applicable if you are driving or riding your own vehicle. Drive safe, for heaven's sake!

2. Gotta Catch ‘Em All!
Pokémon GO is about finding and capturing as many creatures as you can by literally going out of your comfort zone (bedroom). Turn those creatures into your prospective clients and start catching them using your own version of Lure Module. At the end of the month, reaching your target is the unbeatable accomplishment you will ever get. Well, that and getting your girlfriend to say yes, of course.

3. Different Creatures, Different Catches
Catching a Pokémon isn't always an easy peasy job. Sometimes you have to throw over ten balls, while most of the time it simply escapes! Here you can learn how to handle different types of client with certain different levels of treatment. You have to be proactive and keep your 'screen' on most of the time.

4. Patience is a Virtue
Indeed. Pokémon GO players must know all about hatching eggs. Yes, each egg has different incubation lengths, yet they require us to do something in order to accomplish it. Dealing with your prospective clients require certain strategies and patience as well.

5. Last-Minute Content Idea
Are you a social media or content officer? Are you in an occasional running-out-of-ideas pain? Anytime you feel that way, simply turn the game into one of the funky memes or content materials like what I'm doing now and get engaged already.

6. Back to Work!
It is a non-arguable fact that Pokémon GO drains your phone battery in an instance. Just take it as a reminder that you might have been playing too much and it’s time to turn yourself into your real productivity. Remember, work smart, play smarter, people!


You can see the complete list of our client-dex here, and simply head to our blog for more interesting knowledge.

Now, which one's your favourite monster?

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