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10 Years and Going Strong

posted on March 27, 2017

10 Years and Going Strong

10 years ago, we started designing today. With each passing year, three startups with humble beginnings paved their paths from obscurity to distinction. Along the way, they gravitated toward one another on the strength of a collective purpose: designing tomorrow together.
2007 - Taman Paris, Karawaci

A nobody with a vision set out on a winding path to greatness.

College comrades soon joined in the juvenile journey. 

2008 - The Green, BSD

A small, passionate team juggled jobs and thesis, calling themselves Kamayi.

This corner of a two-storey house was witness to their tenacity and triumphs.

2009 - Panglima Polim, Jakarta

Two minds with similar disregard for convention stroke an alliance by the name of HighStreetStudio.

Fast forward several years later to a series of highlights from the media and design community.

2010 - Palmerah & Pondok Indah, Jakarta

Coordinated, incorporated. Tasks were delegated and business were legalized, allowing pursuit of bigger ventures. 

Meanwhile, a Red Colibri started flapping its wings in full motion.

2013 - Kamayi, Intercon, Jakarta

Three years later, growing team and client base called for a larger vessel.

More windows of opportunity opened, including those for collaborations.

2014 - Kamarupa Design Group 

The three crossed paths, discovering a mutual belief in designing tomorrow together. The name Kamarupa was adopted.

Creating strength in numbers, finding common ground and supporting each other.

2015 - Palmerah, Jakarta

Plans of a coworking space were coming into fruition.

A partnership solidified in brick and mortar.

2016 - Kamarupa, Jakarta

Officially and literally working side by side, under one roof. 

A diverse group of creative talents complementing each other with different expertise and experiences.


We started designing today 10 years ago, and today couldn’t have been better. Big thanks to everyone who has been a part of our journey, without whom we wouldn’t be where we are at this very moment. Here’s to designing an even better decade ahead, together! 

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